Race To The Top

Alex Morris, KC Blazers

Here is a set idea that I came up with over the summer that I call “Race to the Top” which is very similar to the Targeted Finishes set.

? x 50 @ 1:01, beginning on the :10

The goal is to be back by the :00 (top)  (or :05 for second person, :10 for third person, etc.) no matter when you leave. So the interval is always 1:01, but you have 1 second less to complete each 50 as you go through

The first time you miss being back by the Top, you stop and sit one out and out on fins, then hop back in and continue until you miss again

If you are a coach who loves good quotes, you’ll want to check this out: https://swimmingwizard.com/e-books/

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