The Magic Bean Fly Set

Ryan Woodruff, Lynchburg YMCA

SCM. This fly set was a bit uncomfortable for those swimmers who like to know exactly what is coming. We were doing 8 x 25 @:25, but then I would randomly announce that the distance would change to a 50@:50 or a 100@1:40 for one rep. The set of 25s alone was a good one, bit the introduction of the 50s or 100s was meant to keep them a little off balance mentally and then to challenge them to hold the stroke together physically. We ended up doing 5 rounds — we did 5 rounds with 1 or 2 50s in each round.

I am calling the set “The Magic Bean” because when we would do a 100, I would give one swimmer a goal time to hit — if he or she achieved it (“The Magic Bean”) we would be done with the set. We ended up stopping after the 2nd 100.

Good mentally and physically challenging set.

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