Challenge Set in a 25m Pool to Prepare for 25y Races

Ryan Woodruff
Head Coach
Lynchburg YMCA

We train primarily in short course meters and compete primarily in short course yards.  This set performed in the 25m pool helped to challenge our swimmers in a meaningful way at practice.

6 rounds @ 6:00
      1 x 175 fast — 25 no free/25 free, goal is to beat your best 200 SCY time of the non-free stroke
      1 x 125 easy freestyle

We had 26 athletes and 5 lanes, so in order to avoid a drafting effect and allow for decent fly swimming without having to dodge teammates, we performed the 175 in 4 lanes with half of the group while the other half swam the 125 easy in the 5th lane.

This turned out to be a good challenge for those who did backstroke and fly.  Those who did breaststroke were generally able to make the 200 time — I would suggest setting a goal to beat it by 8 seconds or so.

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