IM Race Pace Set

Ryan Woodruff
Head Coach
Lynchburg YMCA

This set was intended to help us practice IM transitions.  We did the 50s fly and the 25s backstroke on the first round, with the focus being on hitting that pace on the 3rd 50, then nailing the 25s.  Second round was Back and Breast, third round Breast and Free. Swimmers then repeated it for rounds 4-6 or went stroke instead of IM.

6 rounds:
    3 x 50 descend to P200
         #1 at P200 +2-3 seconds @ 1:00
         #2 at P200 +1-2 seconds @ 1:00
         #3 at P200 @:03 rest, go straight into
    4 x 25 Fastest Possible Average @ :05 rest
    400 Smooth Free Breathe Every 3 & 4 dolphin kicks off the wall

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