Variety & Race Pace with Coach Wibke Ahrens

Wibke Ahrens
Head Coach
Schwimmverein Mannheim, Germany


Today some of my swimmers came to me after training just to tell me how much they liked the set.
So I decided to share it!
We are at the beginning of the season preparing for the first main competition in 4 weeks!
Variety set with a little 100’s race pace test
Warm up:
4x 150m  @3’00    IMO  50 stroke/ 50 kicks/ 50 drill
6x 75m    @1’40    25 fly kick w/skulls in front of your head
                            25 free kick w/windshield wipers
                            25 free
                            w/ front snorkle
Pre set:
2x 300m  @5’00    Choose two strokes (75s)
                            – 25 cycle count/ 25 reduce one cycle/ 25 reduce one more
                            – Do at least 5m underwaters off each wall
2x 300m  @5’00     IM (75s)
                             – 25 85%/ 25 90%/ 25 ez
                             – Do at least 5m underwaters off each wall
Main set:
8x 150m   @4’00     4 mainstroke/ 4 second stroke
                              100 all out from dive (PR+ max. 6”)
                              50 ez
Warm down:
8x50m      @1’10     Kick without a board
8x50m      @1’00     choose stroke
                              one paddle right/ one fin left
                              switch after 4
3x50m                    7,5 streamline off the wall on time
                              42,5 ez
1x300m                  50 free/ 50 kick ez                
4900 scm/ 120min

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