Floating and Sculling During Warmup with NRG

Raymond Keown
NRG Swimming Inc.

Floating is such an underrated skill.  Most do not spend enough time on it, or forget about it as the athletes get older.  Improving our ability to float our bodies is critical to developing speed.

Sculling is also a skill that really helps develop our ability to hold the water and move it more effectively.  This can also get lost in the the training cycle as the season moves on.

We have committed to finding time for both in the middle of warm-up each day.

After some basic warm-up right now we are going …

8×25 Float Scull w/ snorkel @1:00

The basics are simple…
You start by floating over the T for :10 in as streamline a position as possible with as little movement as possible.
At the whistle, you start sculling your arms.
There is no push off the wall, you are not allowed to use your legs at all & must maintain the body position throughout the length.
We will vary the type of scull we use each day, but this is the basic set.

Afterwards, we will finish warm-up with some sprints & underwater work.

Editor’s note: Our goal for this year is to provide coaches around the world with a free new idea or set EVERY DAY this year! Can you help us reach that goal? Please send submissions to swimmingwizard@gmail.com.

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