2 thoughts on “Freestyle Tech Work for Age Groupers

  1. Archer drill is a body position/recovery drill for freestyle. Think “bow and arrow” when you think “archer.” Like an archer stretching his bowstring to fire an arrow, the swimmer kicks with one arm outstretched (palm down). The other arm is held in partial recovery position. We use three different positions: archer 1, archer 2, and archer 3. Archer 1 is with the elbow high and hand trailing the elbow. Archer 2 is with the elbow at its highest point and hand even with the shoulder. Archer 3 is with the elbow high and in front of the shoulder with the hand poised to enter the water far in front of the shoulder. The drill can be performed for certain distances (12.5s,25s, etc.) or for time (6 second pause, etc.). I hope that helps!


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