Mucho Kicking For Distance

Ryan Woodruff

The set below uses timed kicks for maximum distance. Mixing in some kick-heavy drill, this set lasts approximately one hour. In total, this is 35 minutes of kicking at high intensity. We gave our swimmers specific distances to shoot for during each timed kick, dividing them up into two teams. The numbers at the very bottom represent the running points total from the team competition.

2 thoughts on “Mucho Kicking For Distance

  1. 1. Were the kids allowed to start the 100 drill right a way or did they have to wait for the rest interval to lapse.

    2. Was the 400 just trying to be perfect with a decent effort?


  2. 1. They had to wait for the rest interval to lapse. Often the kick for distance part would leave them in the middle of the pool, so they might spend 15-20 seconds just getting back to the wall.
    2. That is correct. Perfect technique, decent effort, with a special emphasis on the legs.


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