Dizzy 50s

Dani Caldwell, SUSA Stingrays
St. George, Utah

Something we like to do with our newer swimmers (and sometimes the older ones, too, for fun and fundamentals) is what we call “Dizzy 50’s:”


We only do about 6-10 x 50 FR (depending on level and ability of swimmer) with a Streamline pushoff (7-kicks or 10 yards), then a few strokes, a somersault in the middle, continue to the far wall, do two consecutive flips, push off on the 2nd flip, SL to 5 yards, stroke, somersault in the middle again, then far wall.  We really emphasize turning in Head-Hips-Heels fashion and not lifting the head into the turn.  Make sure there is enough space so they don’t run into each other when they get “dizzy!”

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