Sprint 25s with Curl-Burke

Ryan Woodruff, North Carolina Aquatic Club

Lately, I have enjoyed reading “Reach for the Wall,” Washington Post writer Paul Tenorio’s blog about training with the Curl-Burke Swim Club and Coach Jeff King. As a coach, it is interesting to hear what the workout feels like from his perspective. Thursday he wrote about one of Coach King’s sets which I have written below:

Warmup 700 (100 IM order)

200 swim
200 kick
2 x 25 sprint swim
175 swim
175 kick
3 x 25 sprint swim
150 swim
150 kick
4 x 25 sprint swim
125 swim
125 kick
5 x 25 sprint swim
100 swim
100 kick
6 x 25 sprint swim
75 swim
75 kick
7 x 25 sprint swim
50 swim
50 kick
8 x 25 sprint swim
25 swim
25 kick
9 x 25 sprint swim

Thanks for sharing, Paul!

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