Payin’ the Price for Your Partner

Ryan Woodruff

Just a fun and challenging set that encourages the swimmers to support each other and swim fast.

4x (all with fins):
12 x 25
#1 – fast UW kick @:20
#2 – fast no-breath swim @ :25
#3 – easy swim @ :30
#4 – fast no-breath swim @ :25
#5 – fast UW kick @ :20
#6 – easy swim @ :30
1 x 50 all out (rotate stroke IM order by round)
1 x 100 easy swim

Time the 50 and have them remember times. Don’t give them the following part of the set until you get to this point. Get a partner.

One partner swims an all out 50 without fins while the other partner waits. For every full second that partner #1 swims slower than his time from the previous set, partner #2 must do a pullup (2 pull-ups for each second for guys). Then switch roles – partner #2 swims and partner #1 has to do pull-ups based on #2’s time.

Occasionally you will get a clown who swims slow thinking that he will really stick it to his teammate. Surprise him and the rest of the group with multiple rounds of this and he may start to realize that the more pull-ups his partner has to do, the slower his partner will swim.

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