How You Could (In Theory) Keep Swimming in Your Backyard for Under $160

Olympic Open Water Champion Sharon van Rouwendaal yesterday posted a video of herself training in a small backyard inflatable pool.

Here what  you need to get Rouwendaal’s set-up for a total of less than $160.00

(full disclosure: I have not tried any of these products, but I am strongly considering it)

#1 – Intek 10-foot x 30-inch pool (~1,000 gallons, same pool that Rouwendaal used) – $74.99


#2 – Milliard Floating Chlorine Dispenser – $16.99

pool 3

#3 – BioGuard SilkGuard Complete 1 Inch Chlorinating Tablets (4.5 lb) – $30.99

pool 2

#4 – Strechcordz Safety Cord Short Belt (only 4 feet long, you may need rope to tie off to a tree or other stationary object) $35.60

pool 1

TOTAL COST: $158.57 + Shipping

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