Butterfly Stations

Ryan Woodruff, Lynchburg YMCA

Our pool has a 12m diving well that I like to use for underwater kicking. It sits adjacent to the long course lanes. Today we made it part of a two-station butterfly rotation. We did each station 3x with the instructions on the fly station changing each time. Having the two stations allowed our arms and shoulders to recover a bit between rounds of 50s fly. Each station was 12 minutes in duration, so this set took almost 80 minutes when factoring in transition time.

Diving well station (a “25” is one 12m width):

3x (2x (all UW kick: 25@:20, 50@:30, 75@:40) + 100 ez swim @1:00)

Long course station:

12 x 50 @:50 + 100 ez @2:00

Round 1: 35m fast fly/15m ez free

Round 2: 3x (3 x50 descend fly +1 ez free)

Round 3: 2x (5×50 descend fly +1 ez free)

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