Kicking Down the New Year with Coach Brad Herndon

Brad Herndon

Head Coach
Greensboro Community YMCA
This is one of our “countdown sets” we did today long course meters after our hardest workout last night. We are down in Florida training outdoors! 

It takes exactly 1 hour and 50 min and is 5500 LCM, it is the warmup, pre-set, main-set, everything except cooling down (we did 400 with fins ez), only equipment needed is a board (although several used snorkels):

10 x 50’s swim at :55
10 x 50’s kick at 1:05
9 x 50’s swim at :55
9 x 50’s kick at 1:05
8 x 50’s swim at :55
8 x 50’s kick at 1:05
7 x 50’s swim at :55
7 x 50’s kick at 1:05
6 x 50’s swim at :55
6 x 50’s kick at 1:05
5 x 50’s swim at :55
5 x 50’s kick at 1:05
4 x 50’s swim at :55
4 x 50’s kick at 1:05
3 x 50’s swim at :55
3 x 50’s kick at 1:05
2 x 50’s swim at :55
2 x 50’s kick at 1:05
1 x 50’s swim at :55
1 x 50’s kick at 1:05


Any stroke board optional as long as you can make the interval!

Last 50 in a series is all out sprint!

Each lower number of 50 cycles you pick up your speed

Fly Challenge (optional, 6 of our 34 did this): The last 4-3-2-1 swims are all butterfly!

Anytime you choose fly or back you have to go for the 15m mark!

All sprint kicks goal is under :45!

The intervals we did take you away from the top then you work back towards the top…

All levels did this, highlights:

We had a 35 br sprint (boys) and a a few 39’s girls

Several 27’s from boys on free

A kicker broke 40 a few times…

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