Specific Endurance Training with Coach Keown of NRG Aquatics

Raymond Keown
Head Coach
NRG Aquatics
Langhorne, Pennsylvania

Here is a nice set that we use to allow a variety of athletes to train together, and get some specific endurance training at the same time.  This set is LCM:

150 free @color paces (see note) @:10 rest + 50 RACE! (see note) } rd- A= 5x@3:00, B= 4x@3:20, C= 3x@3:40, D= 2x@4:00
100 free @color paces (see note) @:10 rest + 50 RACE! (see note) } rd- A= 5x@2:15, B= 5x@2:30, C= 5x@2:45, D=5x@3:00
 50 free @color paces (see note) @:10 rest + 50 RACE! (see note) } rd- A= 5x@1:30, B= @5x@1:40, C= 5x@1:50, D= 5x@2:00
5×50 RACE! A= @:45, B= @:50, C= @:55, D= @1:00

*Colors= Long Events- hold RED, Mid-range Events- hold pink, Short Events- hold white
*Race=   Long Events- free hold p800, Mid-range Events- Prime hold p400 (IM), Short Events- Prime hold p200

Swimmers are assigned the appropriate send-off, color & stroke.  Athletes are intermixed based on ability.
We had 2x lanes of each interval.
The A interval was mostly the Long Event swimmers.
Typical rest ranges were- Long Events- goal of :20 rest or less, Mid-range- goal of :15 to :30 rest, Short- :20 to :40 rest.

We did this tonight and it was fantastic & intense, with athletes hitting their paces.

This is how we tend to break sets up for specific training.

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