Top 10 Swimming Wizard Posts of 2015

Ryan Woodruff

It has been a great year here at the Swimming Wizard blog.  We have had record readership (close to 400,000 visitors this year) and have enjoyed reading and posting ideas and workouts from coaches all around the world.  Below is a selection of our top posts of the year.

Send us your set at and maybe it will make next year’s top 10!

Have a Happy New Year!

  1. The Everything Set. This challenging set includes free, descend, some “wet-land,” and packs a punch at the finish.
  2. How to Train Consistently at Race Pace was our most popular post of the year.  Get our popular pace cards and a better philosophy of my race pace philosophy.
  3. Age Group IM Set from Coach Josh Sinclair, Queensland, Australia.  Coach Sinclair also gave us a good Kick Set.
  4. Lucky Sevens appears to be a favorite with coaches even if not with swimmers.
  5. Kick Set for Underwater Dominance.  These days, you are either dominating underwater or getting dominated.
  6. 400 IM Splitting with Greater Philadelphia Coach Matt Sprang.  Good thoughts from an excellent coach.
  7. FRIM=FUN. Keep the fun in IM by taking out the fly.
  8. Stopwatch Roulette. Fun idea to help your swimmers “have a say.”
  9. F.A.T. Tuesday with Glenbrook Aquatics is cooler than it sounds.
  10. Kicking Speed Set.  Does what it says.

Bonus: 11 Creative Ways to Spice Up Your Swim Practice and my top 10 Best Things I Read, Watched, and Listened to this Year.

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