Learning Easy Speed

Nick Rice
Head Swim Coach
North Oakland Waves (NOW)
I have been having an issue lately with our swimmers over swimming their first 50 of 100s and under-swimming the middle portion of their races so I came up with a set that I think helps them learn how to control the first 50 of a race with speed but continue to push through the second half.  I am very excited to see how this training will effect our swims at our upcoming meets:
The First Set is focused on the 100 (but this also helps set up how to succeed on the 2nd set):
1×100 @ 1:30-2:00 BT +10-15%
2×50 @ :45-1:00
   1st 50:  Half of previous 100 (Not first 50 time of previous 100)
   2nd 50:  Drop :03-:05
4×25 @ :20-:30
  1 & 2:  Half of 2nd 50 Time
  3 & 4:  Drop :02-:04
The Second set is Focused on the 200
1×200 @ 3:00-3:30 BT +10%
2×100 @ 1:30-1:45
   1st 100:  Half of previous 200 (Try to Negative Split)
   2nd 100:  Drop :05
4×50 @ :45-1:00
   1 & 2:  Half of 2nd 100 Speed
   3 & 4:  Drop :30-:05
As we go through the set I like to remind the kids that adrenaline will help carry them on the first segment of their race and that they can take the time to really focus on their stroke mechanics and catch point, then use the drop segment to play with an increased tempo.  I really like to emphasize this on the first set so when we get to the 200 set they can properly swim the 1st negative split 100.

I really enjoy your site and have really found quite a few of the workouts inspirational and thought I would try to contribute.  Thanks for all the sharing.

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