The "N" Set

Dani Caldwell
SUSA Stingrays

This was a great set for determining the “mental state” of my senior swimmers.  I also did a shorter, easier version with my age-groupers later in the day.  I did it as an evening practice for my seniors, which gave them extra motivation to push themselves!
Goal yardage (depending on the ability of the swimmers and duration of the workout):  6500 yards
1.  You have 15 minutes do get in as many repeats as possible.  Count your repeats. (Coach records them)
2.  You MUST take the specified rest.
3.  You determine how much effort you put in.
4.  Once you reach your goal yardage, you warm down 300 yards and you are done.
1.  15 minutes — straight swim
2.  15 minutes — n x 100 FR kick with fins and snorkel @5 seconds rest
3.  15 minutes — n x 200 FR pull (no buoy) @20 seconds rest
4.  15 minutes — n x 100 stroke (no FR, all the same stroke) @ 10 seconds rest
5.  15 minutes — n x 50 FR with snorkel (work on turns) @ 10 seconds rest
6.  15 minutes — n x 25 underwaters with fins @10 seconds rest
7.  15 minutes — n x 75 FR @5 seconds rest

One thought on “The "N" Set

  1. I did a modified version of this set with our Masters group this morning and got a thumbs-up. They were rallying their lanemates to eke out one more rep before the 15 minutes expired.


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