Turn Test Set

Ryan Woodruff
Lynchburg YMCA

SCY This set is intended to test an athlete’s turning ability as well as encourage him or her to improve this all-important skill. It works for open turns with fly or breaststroke swimming. If you have touch pads that can measure turn time, this set could also be good for back or free.

Swimmer performs 1 x 200 for time. Coach times the swimmer’s turns (from hand touch to feet leaving the wall) cumulatively using the start and stop buttons on the watch. Record swimmer’s total turn time and average turn time. For instance, a good total might be 7.00 seconds, average turn time of 1.00 seconds per turn.

Swimmer then performs fast 50s on a moderate interval (perhaps a 1:1 work:rest ratio). If the swimmer’s total turn time was 7 seconds, then he does seven 50s. If it took him 10 seconds, he does ten 50s. During the 50s, the coach times the swimmer’s turn. Swimmer must beat his average turn time by .2 seconds and give a good effort on the 50 for it to count.

If doing this set in a group setting, divide the swimmers into teams, each swimmer with a partner on the opposite team and a stopwatch per partnership. Team with the least # of 50s to do wins.

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