YOTA Kick-Out Sticks

Note: These “Kick-out Sticks” or “Streamline Sticks” have been a topic of discussion since Streamline Sticks was published. Coach Onken has the best design we’ve seen so far presented below.

Chad Onken, YMCA of the Triangle Area (YOTA)

Picture #1 – pic of the end of the PVC pipe, with the male end super glued onto the edge of the PVC pipe. A divot was drilled into the male end to allow a slit where the lane rope cord will be.

Picture #2 – pic of the female end (male/female part is bought together)

Picture #3 – the three components of the kick-out stick: the PVC insulation (black), the female piece which is threaded to fit the male piece that is super glued to the top of the PVC pipe.

Picture #4 – picture of the female/male pieces screwed on together (with PVC insulation around the rest of the PVC pipe

Picture #5 – the final product at work (very close to the wall).

What makes this (soon to be patented – hahaha) product so great is that it allows for two way swimming in and out of walls and it is also completely moveable to different differences from the wall. You can make it as easy/challenging as you want it. The sticks are designed to take a beating, we have a few kids that consistently run into them all the time. And the best part is that they are very cheap – we were able to buy the supplies needed for a 6 lane pool for around $16.

10 thoughts on “YOTA Kick-Out Sticks

  1. Do you use these for circle swimming too? I could see putting this on the right side of the lane, forcing kids to cut across the T versus turning in the right corner to push off across the lane and running into teammates/causing crappy turns. Not sure how well they would hold up to that though…


  2. Do these do any damage to the lane ropes? We swim out of our city pool, wouldn't want to do anything to piss off the guards…


  3. Wont't damage the lane ropes one bit… Just make sure you drill the gap in the threaded PVC large enough to fit comfortably over the cable on the lane line.


  4. Made them today, going to try them with the group tomorrow. Will be great if they work as well as you say. I've got set ideas flyin through my head now.


  5. I have found that one of the keys to using them is to make sure your athletes don't obsess over them. They need to understand what it FEELS like to streamline far enough past them, thus avoiding picking their heads up and looking for the sticks. Also, start off small, i.e. don't put the sticks out so far… you don't want the swimmers to hate them right from the beginning.


  6. Appreciate the advice! I've got a group of older kids with experience and I think they will see them as a fun challenge. Something that will break up the norm, nothing too crazy though!


  7. Chad love these, made a few myself for the kids back in Richmond…they hate them but forces the issue so i love them!

    Thanks man


  8. This is a great idea! Out boy wants to make these as a scout project for our local Y. The scout leaders won’t let his use a power saw, which is what he had in mind. Do you or anyone have recommendations on the best way to make the cut, or slit in the end where the lane rope cord would be? Thanks.


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