5 thoughts on “Backstroke technique set with race specific tempo

  1. Is A – B – C for different Groups or do each swimmer at first block A, than block B and finally Block C

    What does 10` “x” x 16 Strokes mean?

    Is the 10×50 at Pace 200 in the B-Block with or without Equipment?

    There are 4 stroke rates but we have 10x50s – how is the meaning?


    1. every swimmer swim bloc A, then B, and finally C.
      “10×16 strokes” => swimmer swim 16 stroke of backstroke focusing on good technique, then returns to the wall by the stretchcordz assistance, and repeat 10 times with no rest.
      On the 10×50 @200 stroke rate, we try some SR (with tempo trainer) for each swimmer in order to find what is the best SR for each of them.


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