Partner Relay Kicks

Ryan Woodruff, North Carolina Aquatic Club

This set got some good kicking intensity out of our kids.

3 x 400 kick. Swimmers are paired together to make even teams. One swimmer kicks the first 50 and then tags off to the second swimmer. Alternating 50s, they do the set at maximum speed. The team that is in 1st place after a 200 may stop to rest for the remainder of the 400. At the 250, the fastest remaining team may stop. At the 300, the fastest remaining team again may stop, etc. The last few teams will kick the entire 400, while those who earned the rest are rewarded for their kicking prowess and effort. With each 400, change the prescribed kick. For #1 – everyone does flutter kick with a board, for #2 – everyone does breaststroke kick, for #3 – everyone does 25 underwater dolphin kick and 25 dolphin kick on your back. These are just examples. Mix it up however you wish. The point is to encourage and reward fast kicking and have your swimmers working together as teammates.

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