Streamline Sticks

Ryan Woodruff
Here’s a look at one of my favorite homemade training aids:

To make your own Streamline Sticks:
1. Cut a piece of 1″ PVC tubing to match the width of your lanes.
2. Thread a piece of 1/8″ diameter rope through the PVC, leaving about 1′ of rope hanging out either way.
3. Tie a 1-pound weight (SCUBA weights work well) to each end of the rope. These weights will drape over the lane lines to hold the Streamline Stick in place.
4. You are ready! Position them on the lane ropes (put a traffic cone on the pool bottom so that swimmers can judge the Stick’s location) and away you go!

2 thoughts on “Streamline Sticks

  1. Ryan:
    I put together some streamline sticks and the worked great. I had the
    similar idea a couple months ago but didn't have the pool space to try
    it and didnt really think the idea plausible. After I saw your video
    I realized I was on to something too. I had some extra lanes this
    week and the younger kids really liked them. I tried putting all 6 of
    them together making a giant one, made a pulley system for the flag
    poles, and dropped it down as they went in to practice turns. It
    really helped….but then I realized I could just drop the flags in
    order to get the same results with a lot less effort.
    Louis C. Cavadini


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