IM Madness With Coach Erin Quinn (@ErinQuinn11)

With only two weeks left until our very “short” Long Course Meter season begins here in the North East the Hawks have boarded the #PainTrain to ensure they’re ready for the intensity of LCM training:

IM Madness (SCY

Standard Warmup

Swim, Drill, Kick: 1400 yards

Main Set:

3x400IM Descend (adjust interval) 5:00 minutes/5:30

100EZ (2700yards)

3×200 FR Descend (adjust interval to group) 2:30/2:45
3×200 BK Descend 2:45/3min

100EZ (3400yards)

8x75IM order on 1:15 (Goal: Work on Transitions!)

75FLY, 50FLY/25BK, 25FLY/BK, 50BK/25BST, 25BK/50BST, 50BST/25FR, 25BST/50FR, 75FR

100EZ (4100yards)

20×25 IM Order

Odds Sprint :30 sec
Evens: Underwater :30


Starts/Relays/cool down (5K)



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