Beat It (The Michael Jackson Set)

Gary Galbreath
Dayton Raiders Swim Club

A Tempo Trainer Set- Try to Beat the Beep

We set the Tempo Trainers so it beep at the 1/2 length and at the wall pace!
The Goal is to beat the beep to the wall. Forces swimmers to get to the wall.
Rest 2 beeps go on the 3rd BEEP on all Rounds
The 25’s are set at 100 Pace, The 50’s are set at a .25 faster than
200 Speed and the 75 .25 slower than 200 Pace.

Beat the Beep
10 x 25 Tempo Trainer Go on 3Rd Beep FLAT OUT FAST!
 2 x 400 Pull @ 6:00 #1 Smooth, #2 Each 100 Faster
10 x 50 Tempo Trainer Go on 3rd Beep KEEP THE SPEED!
2 x 300 @ 4:30 #1 Smooth, #2 Each 100 Faster
10 x 75 Go on 3rd Beep SHOW HOW TOUGH YOU ARE
2 x 200 Pull @ 3:00 #1 Smooth, #2 Fast

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